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(Initial 15 min. phone consultation is complimentary)
Love and Honesty, rather than toughness is what first breaks through denial.
Love restores lost hope.
Intervention is first about achieving sobriety, but in the end, it is about restoring family and friendship.
Don't stop short of a miracle!
You don't have to hit bottom before getting help!
Are you ready to become substance free? We can help.
Tired of doing the same thing and feeling hopeless and in despair because things don't change? We can help.
You deserve long term recovery and healing for yourself and your loved-ones!
Scott Henrywestwood, Counselor
Scott Henrywestwood
Scott is one of those rare counselors who doesn't impose himself into the process too much. He has an admirable quality of listening carefully and learning your individual situation. Highly recommended! Mary, Los Gatos
Scott helped me through an extremely trying part of my life, and did so with a grace, compassion, and understanding that I think very few human beings could muster. And, not coincidentally, I think he really enjoys his work. If you need help with overcoming substance abuse, this should be your guy. Karen, Campbell
Scott facilitated my son's recovery and I am pleased to say he was fabulous. His communication with both myself and my family went beyond the norm and his follow up was impressive. I would highly recommend Scott. Linda, San Jose
Kalin Ternian, Counselor
Kalin Ternian
Kalin is a dedicated counselor who engages her clients in order to foster their recovery. Anne, Fremont
Kalin isn't afraid to confront clients to lift any barriers blocking their recovery. Jessica, Gilroy
Kalin's warm personality allows her to help clients who are hesitant about their sobriety. Bill, Santa Clara

Welcome and thank you for visiting. We provide counseling for alcoholism and addiction, and offer intervention to facilitate treatment.

Accredited Counseling and Intervention Services is all about getting you the help that you need and want, for yourself or a struggling loved-one. We truly understand how frustrating and scary this time can be because we've been there too. Our mission is to help everyone with compassion, love, respect, and integrity. Addiction often affects every aspect of a person and their family; therefore, overcoming the pain can be daunting. There is good news, by taking proven steps you and your family can begin recovery. The journey toward recovery starts with taking the first step. Call us for a consultation or send us your questions using our contact form. We are a BBB Accredited Business. Here is information about our counseling and intervention services during Covid-19.

Alcohol Addiction
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Alcohol is called a sedative-hypnotic drug, since it acts as both a sedative and a hypnotic. In moderate amounts, alcohol helps many people relax and socialize more easily. It also makes many people feel more confident in themselves. However, the confidence alcohol gives is often misplaced. Learn more ...

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Problems of addiction are heart breaking, frustrating and mystifying for most individuals and families who are affected by them. Substance abuse and dependence all too often lead to loss of health, job, income and self-respect, as well as to divorce and alienation from family and friends, indescribable pain and sometimes death. Learn more ...

Counseling Intervention
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At ACIS, we provide counseling services for those who are affected by substance abuse or the more frightening specter of dependence or addiction. Our relapse prevention services provide effective strategies for managing triggers and other factors influencing the continued harmful use of alcohol and other drugs. Learn more ...

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As interventionists, we take care of many important things, such as: making the arrangements with the treatment center; the transportation of your loved-one to the treatment center; and all the education and counseling that occurs before, during, and after the intervention. Learn more ...

Residential Treatment Other Services
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Addiction involves compulsion, loss of control, and continued use despite bad consequences. Addiction is a process (meaning it is not a single event). As a result, the compulsion, loss of control, and bad consequences develop over time. Residential treatment placement can help with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Learn more ...

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